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        Technical sales representative
        I consider myself a solar ďgeekĒ and strong renewable energy driven electrical engineer with the ambition to make our planet greener, more sustainable and friendly environment by embracing tools of technology and science.

        Technical drawing, engineering and science books reading were my early childhood obsessions. The first real wind at my back was one of the prize wining report I wrote on renewable energy, back in my primary school days. Thus far I didnít stop getting the wind of the latest renewable state-of-the-art and implementing my acquired knowledge in the most fastest growing industry. Iíve been doing it for about two years as a technical sales representative, specialized in solar system design and construction. Some of my major roles include feasibility studies, simulation, creating structure plans, profitability analysis as well as consulting and sales strategy development for solar PV system.

        My interest could be expanded all the way to machine design, simulation and modelling for small induction and permanent magnet motors for submersible pumps, since I was involved in electrical research machine laboratory at Stellenbosch University. I also joined the centre for distributed power and electronic systems at Cape Peninsula University of Technology with the research on Gas turbine augmentation by implementing a photovoltaic reverse osmosis fogging demineralizer system.

        At the moment, I am confident about making steps forward in exploring and comparing the differences in the approach to work between my gained experience and the one I could achieve while working internationally. I am open to opportunities in an international and African scene, since it is available renewable resources define this continents as the most suitable for my further personal and professional growth and development.

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