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    • Aixtron Appoints New Lab Director in China »

      Thursday 11th April 2013

      Aixtron SE's Training and Demonstration Centre in Suzhou, China, has reached its next planning stage.

      MOCVD reactor manufacturer's training and demonstration centre in Suzhou has appointed Qingshan Li to lead the team.

      In March 2013 Qingshan Li took over the responsibility as Director of Process Support at Aixtron China from Nicolas Muesgens, who has built up and led the centre since its opening a year ago.

      “I am proud of what we have achieved,” Nicolas Muesgens comments. “Customers benefit immensely from seeing and evaluating real process runs in Suzhou without having to interrupt their own production line. This enables customers to increase their efficiency by avoiding lost productivity.”

      Tim Wang, General Manager Aixtron China adds, “We thank Nicolas for having done such a great job in launching the centre. In the future, our lab will be even more tailored to our customers’ needs. Most of Aixtron’s key customers attended a training session during this first year of operation. The feedback confirms that it is very helpful and effective to have real process demos with training capabilities locally, close to our customers.”

      The newly appointed Director Qingshan Li received his Ph.D. in material science from the East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST) in Shanghai. Before joining Aixtron he held several positions in the field of process engineering at Novellus Systems, most recently as Director Process & Technology.

      “My goal is to continue accelerating the drive to increased tool stability and productivity under mass production at our customers sites in China with high-quality training in Suzhou,” Qingshan Li comments.

      “Several customer process demos with major Chinese customers on the CRIUSII-XL are scheduled. For training purposes, a new CRIUS II-XL system trolley reactor will be added and made available to bring the technology even closer to our customers, significantly intensifying our hands-on hardware training. Both of our latest MOCVD systems will have been equipped with advanced features in the 1st half of 2013, e.g. the AIX G5 system with GaN-on-Si capability.”